10 Top Drama that was re-created by 3 countries (Korea, Japan and Taiwan)


Although the story might be the same, since the actors/actress, culture and the way the PD deliver the story is obviously not the same, it's fun to compare between these dramas. Over the years, there have been many remakes - not only in Hollywood but also in the Asian drama market. Top 3 Asian countries that produce a high quality romantic drama is no other than South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Here is the list of some drama remake from that 3 countries above:
1. Nodame Cantabile (Japan), Cantabile Tomorrow (Korea)
2. Mischievous Kiss (Japan), Playful Kiss (Korea)
3. Hana Yori Dango (Japan), Boys Over Flowers (Korea), Meteor Garden (Taiwan)
4. Liar game (Japan, Korea)
5. Hana Kimi (Japan), To the Beautiful You (Korea, Taiwan)
6. You're handsome, You're beautiful  (Korea), Fabulous Boys (Taiwan)
7. In Time With You (Taiwan), The Time We Were Not In Love (Korea)
8. Fated to Love You (Taiwan, Korea)
9. It Started with a Kiss (Taiwan),  Playful Kiss (Korea)
10. Queen of No Marriage (Taiwan), Witch's Romance (Korea)

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