LIST OF ENDORSEMENT DEAL for 3rd generation girl groups


Who is the endorsement/CF queen from 3rd generation girl groups? Check it out the list below along with proof of the detailed cf.
Twice - 30
GFriend - 29
Red Velvet - 22
I.O.I - 22
Mamamoo - 11
WJSN - 10
Lovelyz - 9
CLC - 8
Oh My Girl - 8
April - 8
Blackpink - 6
DIA - 5
Gugudan - 5
Laboum - 4

Comprehensive List

Twice (30)
Arena Rash Guard (Clothes)
Skoolooks School Uniform (Clothes)
CGV Twice Combo (Food and Beverage)
The Peanuts Movies (Movie)
LG U+ LTE Me (Network) - Tzuyu, Nayeon, Jungyeon
Nexon Elsword (Game)
KB Kookmin Credit Card (Card)
Innisfree Intense Foundation (Cosmetic)
LG U+ Huawei Y6 (Phone) - Tzuyu
LG U+ Raybeam Projector (Electronic) - Tzuyu
Nexon Sudden Attack (Game)
Seoul I.Seoul.U (Organization)
LG Household&Healthcare Tomaru (Cosmetic)
MK Trend NBA Style (Clothes)
Cettu Korea Red Cettu (Handbag)
Gamaro Chicken (Chicken)
K-Milk (Milk)
KakaoTalk Emoticon (Emoticon)
Nexon Legion of Heroes (Game)
Nexon Lost Tale (Game)
Golfzon Strikezone (Game)
Pholar (Blog) - Tzuyu, Sana
Dunkin Donuts Cheer Up Set (Food)
Lotte Duty Free (Shop)
GiGa VR Zone (Tourism)
LG Household&Healthcare Nature Collection (Cosmetic)
Spris (Shoe)
LG Twice Bluetooth Speaker (Speaker)
Samsung Soundcamp (Mobile Application)
Otsuka Pocari Sweat (Sports Drink)

GFriend (29)
Akii Classic (Shoe)
Hosigi Doomari Chicken (Chicken)
Nexon Elsword (Game)
OGPlanet Lost Saga (Game)
Celebon Collagen Essence Mask (Face Mask)
Repetto Perfume (Perfume) - Yerin
Chicken Hero (Movie) - Yuju
Nowcom Tales Runner (Game)
Inven Icarus 2.0 (Game)
Nexon Sudden Attack (Game)
Com2Us Pro Baseball for Manager Live (Game)
ABCMart Nuovo (Shoe)
Pop-T Money (Card)
KakaoTalk Emoticon (Emoticon)
K-Milk (Milk)
Swatch Colorful Campaign (Watch)
Samsonite American Tourister (Luggage Bag) 
Etude House Lip Tints (Cosmetic)
Redbull Eyewear (Eyewear)
SMART School Uniform (Clothes)
Nexon Tera (Game)
Yonsei Dairy Juice (Beverage)
Lotte Waterpark (Water Park)
Samsung Card (Card)
Clinique Lip Pop Matte (Cosmetic)
Olive Young Anna Sui Romantica (Perfume)
Poolus App (Mobile Application)
Pokemon XY&Z (Movie)
SK Telecom (TBA)

Red Velvet (22)
Ivy Club (Clothes) - Irene
Swarovski Bracelet (Accessories) - Irene, Seulgi
Lotte Pepero (Snack)
Baskin Robbins (Ice Cream)
Meters/bonwe (Clothes)
Black Martine Sitbon (Handbag)
Etude House Lipstick (Cosmetic) - Joy
2016 World Fair Trade Day (Festival) - Wendy
Red Cross Youth (Organization)
Shenyang-Korea Brand&Entertainment Expo (Organization)
The Saem (Cosmetic)
Telemonster (Movie)
Rosemont Jewelry (Jewelry) - Irene, Seulgi, Yeri
Toreore Chicken (Chicken)
Starcon (Mobile Application)
KakaoTalk Emoticon (Emoticon)
Maxwell House (Coffee) - Irene
18th Bucheon International Animation Festival (Festival) - Seulgi
MCMKorea MCM Love (Accesories) - Seulgi, Wendy
ABCMart Nuovo (Shoe) - Irene
Skechers (Shoe) - Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri
Swarovski Necklace (Jewelry)

I.O.I (22)
CJ Cheil Chedang Petitzel Sweet Pudding (Snack)
Hite Jinro Isul Tok Tok (Beverage) - Nayoung, Sejeong, Chungha
Woongjin Ice Sparkling (Beverage)
SK Telecom Corporate Campaign (Network)
Netmarble Baekbal Baekjoong for Kakao (Game)
Netmarble Stone Age (Game)
CJ Cheil Chedang Petitzel Oh Eclaire! (Snack)
GMarket Super Deal Baskin Robbins (Beverage) - Yoojung
Elite School Uniform (Clothes)
Comica (Comic) - Yoojung
Paldo Ramen (Instant Noodle)
CJ Cheil Chedang Alaska Salmon (Food) - Somi
KB Kookmin Liiv (Mobile Application)
Auction (Online Marketplace)
LG Electronics Mobile X5 (Phone) - Somi
Hi-Mart Anniversary Appreciation Sales 2016 (Shop) - Somi, Sejeong
Ballerina (Movie) - Sohye
Fila (Shoe)
Etude House Perfume (Perfume)
Pancoat (Clothes)
Acuvue (Contact Lense) - Somi, Pinky, Doyeon

Mamamoo (11)
Googims (Clothes)
Crayon Shin Chan Movie (Movie)
Pizza Maru (Pizza)
Leaders Cosmetic Coconut Gel Mask (Cosmetic)
Glico Pocky & Pretz (Snack)
Jack&Jill (Shoe)
K-Milk (Beverage)
Nexon Sudden Attack (Game)
LG G5 & Friends (Phone)
51st Korean National Skills (Organization)
Enternate Innisia Nest (Game)

WJSN (10)
Swarovski (Jewelry)
Naver Web Story - Homo Sapiens (Novel) - Bona
KT My Name is Katie (Mobile Application) - EXY
Skin79 (Cosmetic) - EXY, Cheng Xiao, Bona, Eunseo
KT Y-teen (Phone) - EXY, Seola, Soobin, Cheng Xiao, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung
Nexon Master of Eternity (Game) - Cheng Xiao
KT Clip (Mobile Application) - Cheng Xiao
KY Y-suneung (Phone) - EXY, Bona, Cheng Xiao, Eunseo, Dayoung, Yeonjung
Welli Hilli Snow Park (Resort) - Cheng Xiao
Nexon Sudden Attack (Game)

Lovelyz (9)
Blue Mountain (Shoe)
Nexon Sudden Attack (Game)
Netmarble Baekbal Baekjoong for Kakao (Game)
The Premium Snow White Cushion (Cosmetic)
Anti-Smoking Campaign for Soldier (Organization)
Incheon 52nd Incheon Citizens' Day (Festival)
SecretKey (Cosmetic)
Inven Girls Fleet (Game)
KakaoTalk Emoticon (Emoticon)

Oh My Girl (8)
Crown Choco/Ice Heim (Snack) - Yooa
Nexon Mabinogi (Game) - Yooa
DHC Fruits Party (Cosmetic)
DHC Suncut Q10 (Cosmetic) - Yooa
11st (Open Market)
Nene Chicken (Chicken)
Safety Report App (Mobile Application)
Doori Cosmetics Planist (Cosmetic)

CLC (8)
SMART School Uniform (Clothes)
Gorgotago (Mall)
Nexon Heroes (Game)
TBJ 2016 S/S Collection (Clothes) - Yeeun
KBS2 Together (TV Show) - Yoojin
Korean Insulin Dependent Diabetes Association (Organization)
Touch in Sol (Cosmetic)
Shoemarker (Shoe)

April (8)
Aqutop (Cosmetic)
Korean Scout Association (Organization)
Miral Youth Welfare Foundation (Organization)
Olive Young Peripera (Cosmetic)
2016 Global K-Food Fair (Festival)
Seoul Eco-Friendly School Meal (Organization)
Kikoriki: The Secret of Golden Hat (TV Show) - Jinsol
Lotte Confectionary Xylitol Toy Play (Toy) - Jinsol

Blackpink (6)
SMART School Uniform (Clothes) - Jisoo
LG U X Series (Phone) - Jisoo
Reebok Classic (Shoe)
Moonshot Lip Feat Lipstick (Cosmetic)
St. Scott London (Handbag)
Nonagon 2017 S/S (Clothes) - Lisa

DIA (5)
Gibahlan Chicken (Chicken)
Burger King Korea (Burger)
KolonSport Bee Strong (Organization) - Cathy
Lamucha (Jewelry) - Chaeyeon
Jay Jun Cosmetic (Cosmetic) - Chaeyeon

Gugudan (5)
Faguo (Shoe)
Pacific Front 1942 (Game)
Lilian (Hygiene) - Sejeong
Jambanger Jeans 2016 F/W (Clothes) - Nayoung
CooperVision Clariti (Contact Lense) - Hana

Laboum (4)
Samsung Pay (Mobile Application) - Solbin, ZN, Yulhee
Evisu (Clothes) - Solbin
7th Korean Sharing Festival (Festival)
Viu (Mobile Application)

Credit: anonSone

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