Sinners ch3


-3 years ago-

It’s the same day like usual, one of my best friend Tim Carter is calling me to accompany him to city center so he can sell whatever he found from his so called “treasure hunt”. To be honest I always wonder why he always risk his life to get few junks that barely have any value even for Jack&Jill, a store which accepts any kind of things that come from old civilizations. I know that Tim is a little bit different from any other guy I know, he always wondering about everything, often asking ridiculous question about history and have different approach about our way of surviving after The Great War 169 years ago. Nevertheless, his androgynous face, wit and physical strength is top notch in our dorm so people respects and adore him. He was running through hall with his long legs and came into my room, his blue eyes looked bigger and more enthusiastic this morning. His sleek short brown hair looks untidy and a bit wet.

“Ilios, Look what I found today from my treasure hunt. I got a jackpot! You should be envious to me.”, Tim said.

“Hmm… what? Show me…” , I respond while thinking that he is only bluffing again.

He then show me a pile of junk comes from his shabby bag on top of my clean bed. I dust it off and shake it to the ground right away.

“Hey, what are you doing Ilios! You could break it.” Tim speak to me angrily.

He looked down and bailing, try to reach something from that pile of junk. I watched him took out three boxes and one cylinder of its. He explained it to me that it’s some kind of material which used by female to make her prettier. If I am not wrong, it’s called as make up and only rich people from higher classes, especially female, use it.

After The Great War, government divides us, sinners, into three district, one is for male population (Dallas district), then there is female population (Madeline district) and the last one is for higher class (Gwendolyn district). We lived separated by our sexes since then and do like what we’re assigned to, a field/heavy worker for male and light/house work for female. Interaction between the sexes are limited, and have ruler of their own.

Tim said that the small boxes consist of powder to make our face looks fresher and hide any pimple, while the cylinder one used on lips to give some color in our face. These things are strange for us, male, who works in the field and doesn’t have any reason to apply this to our face. But, this make up can be sold for a lot of money in female population for sure.

“How about the expiration date? I think it can't be used anymore if it's from old civilization” asked Ilios to Tim.

“Oh well, I think I still can sell it to Jack&Jill. Let’s go, I will treat you some drink too. I’ve always wanted to visit one of the bar in the city center. But it’s too sad to go alone, so I’m bringing you with me.” Tim said.

There are several questions that are still bugging Ilios mind, for e.g: How Tim knows all the information about that make-up thingy or how the boxes look kinda new, not like the usual garbage that Tim shown to Ilios before. But Tim's invitation is hard to resist, so Ilios brush aside his thought, wore his best clothes went with Tim. No sane man will refuse Tim's offer, looking how expensive to afford beers from a nice bar in the city.

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