Sinners ch2


In a small workshop, there is a man, called Tom, who is telling an old story to his colleagues.... a story when mankind is still prosperous and government is still there to protect the citizen. But soon after, economy collapsed, creating a high unemployment rate.... widen gaps between the rich and the poor.

Basic needs along with living expenses escalates while minimum wage can't catch up the rise. Political situation heats up, productivity is declining, and daily goods become a scarce. Society has fallen to a new low when government no longer can't control the riots. Civil war begin to spread through entire world.  The biggest world war in history erupted, leaving only 10% population of the world. The remaining mankind try to live their lives with limited resource that they can collect from what’s remain after the war, but find themselves only left with nuclear radiation and an expansive dead land.

Tom said: "Don't know exactly when, but people start to have birthmark on their bodies after that...  people said it's our curse from God, because we've been a sinner, who have destroyed the earth that bestowed upon us". But odd enough, the man said that he met someone who called as "Ilios The One" whose birthmark stopped at number 1.

"His figure is average, not small but not as big as western people, his height is around 177 cm, aged 22 with brown eyes, black short haired and white clean skin." Tom explained.

He is a sinner who live in Cordville, a city inside Dallas district, area where only men live. Most of the occupancy there is a farmer or factory worker, regarded as the poorest city in the district. Crimes occur every day there, be apart of city life. Robbery, pick-pocket, and gang fights is common. All of them are afraid dying by their sins, yet it seems there is no option left for them: "Stealing or starve to death"

Air and soil pollution further exacerbate the situation. People is threatened by radiation that lead to lost of vision and even death. It's an immunity war, only those who can adapt to the environment or have power (=money) that can survive.

Ilios is the one who help Tom to escaped from loan shark back in Cordville. Thanks to him, now Tom is married with Jerry and live in outward district.

"I wonder how he is now.... I hope he is still alive." Tom said.

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