Sinners ch1


On the corner of dark alley of ruined metropolitan area, there was a middle aged-man who hold one big chunk of roasted chicken in his left hand and slice of warm apple pie tart in his right hand. He stocked his mouth full before he was able to swallow it with his dirty hand. He chocked several times, but kept eating like there is no tomorrow. Since he lost his job,this old man hasn't eaten much these past weeks, life has been difficult for him. On his wrinkled forehead, there was a birth mark, shaped as number 3. 

When the old man almost finished his meal, there was a young man who came closer from afar, he asked: "Hey old man, why you give your life away?" 
The old man replied: "I won't die yet.... at least not today... I just stole this and I still have two chances... I could find a way to repay my sin tomorrow.... at least for today, I won't starved to death."
The young man then said:"No, you will die today."
Before even able to talk back, the old man suddenly feel intense pain on her chest. It's unbearable and make the old man prone in pain. Now, his birthmark which is on his forehead turn to number 0.
"....How .... could it happened?" The old man asked.
The young man replied: "Do you remember that you bump with pregnant woman when you tried to escape the officials? Because of you, she got miscarriage ... you just killed one innocent child."
Hearing that, the old man made an appeal:"But.... I still have 1 more chance....! It isn't fair.."
"Not anymore..." The young man then continued: "The shopkeeper from a store where you stole that foods got fired because of his inability to keep the goods.... it's because of"

"I hope.... at least you won't die alone." The young man showed his empathy.

It became silence, the old man is now gone... he died because his lack of awareness. He never thought that one single deed can bring 3 sins. Citizen in this area has been branded as sinners and this sinners has numbered shaped birthmark on part of their body. It will go down every time they made a sin, and they will die when it turns into "zero". Location of the birthmark differ, mostly in a place that can be seen easily. Thus the sinners have lived their life in fear every day, counting their sins.  The birthmark represents God's mercy toward the sinners.

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