Sinners ch 4


It’s 55 minutes bus ride from Cordville to Houzz City center. Ilios wore his best clothes, checkered long blue shirt with black docker pant and put his favorite black shoes. Tim borrowed Ilios brown jacket and black t-shirts because his clothes are dirty.

Hey Tim, where did you find these things?” asked Ilios.

Tim is taken aback by Ilios question. There are only me and Tim inside the bus. It’s raining outside so it’s pretty chill inside. He paused, looking a bit worried and answer Ilios question carefully. He said that he is actually  found it in outer area where he usually tries his luck to find some treasure around big pile of junks on a dead land, but didn’t get any result until today. Actually, he assumes these things don't come from the old civilization, but someone from Gwendolyn hide it there. No wonder it looks kinda new.

"It seems there is a gang fight took place before I arrived... so maybe that person hide it so he can retrieve it later." Tim assume.

The outer area is a vicious place where many bad sinners and criminals are hiding with no rule of what is right and what is wrong. All the sinners who live there aren't afraid to die and keep making more sins. Government has given up to control that area, not anyone is brave enough to go to there. Only people like Tim who is physically fit-yet crazy enough to wander around there and able to survive.

Ilios have gone there once, and it still left him with bitter feeling because of what have happened there. Ilios lost one of hisclosed friend, Oslo, who died when he tried to save Ilios from bandits. Yes, he died because of Ilios foolishness, of thinking that he could be like Tim, who is a professional treasure hunter.

Back then Ilios was still green, he underestimate how hideous the outer area is. He used to think that he is a good fighter, a good runner and smart enough for treasure hunting. It turns out that you need more than that to be able to survive in outer area and escape the bandits. Moreover, it’s not that easy to find any treasure worth your risk of being death.

"Then, is it called as stealing...?" Ilios said.

“Well, not really, since it was left there.... anyone who find it can be the owner." Tim argue.
"By the way, do you have anyone that you’re interested in from our dorm? You looks very close with the new guy lately….with Craig.” Tim try to change the subject.

Huh? Why are you asking this? No, Craig is just my best friend. He is kinda likes my older brother, so I feel comfortable with him.” Ilios explain.

Oh, I see… I never seen you so close with anyone in the dorm before…so…. I am glad you made new friend.” Tim looks satisfied with Ilios answer.

Ilios is 19 years old this year and although he is a healthy young guy, he doesn't have any boyfriend for his entire life. It isn’t because he can’t get any boyfriend.To be frankly,He is pretty good at sport and quite popular. He just doesn’t feel the urge to be in relationship with someone. When he was 12, he have a crush for a guy next door. But, it’s more like an adoration and it’s fade away by times. Men at his age have already experience so many lovey dovey things. Ilios wonder why he is the only one who can’t feel any interest toward any men around him. He hope someday he could find someone that he can be fallen in love with.

“Ilios, you know that I think of you more than friend, right? And I know you’re a trustworthy person” Tim said to Ilios quietly.

“Yes, you can trust me since I’m your best friend.” Ilios said.

“Well… umm…no... I just told this because it’s you, not my other friends. To be honest, I didn’t show you something that I found along with that make up. I found something…… something more valuable than that……. something that can change our life……” his talk becomes too quiet and it’s hard for me to listen to what he said with the rainy noise outside the bus, so I bring myself closer to him. Tim notice my approach, so he said to me: “Later….. I will show it to you later…. when we’re arrived at Jack&Jill, it’s saver there.”

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